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Achilles Heel

Identify and strengthen your weakest area in your business and/or personal life.

Advanced Life Design

You can create any life you choose.

Authentic Relationships

How to be fully in a relationship without giving up your Self.

Beyond Reasons

A personal development course to help you identify the thinking that is keeping you from having what you want in life.

Building Better Relationships

A deep study and focus on the communication and cooperation needed to build strong, healthy relationships.

Conflict to Resolution

Reduce the frequency, intensity and negative impact that conflict creates in your life.

Conscious Choices

Imagine what you are capable of if all your decisions were made with a clear, intentional direction.


How do we come to terms with deciding when to guide our own lives and when to allow the natural flow of things to take their course?

Core Values

Discover and explore in depth the core values most important to you.


Intimate Relationship aren't "self-sustaining". Learn what you need to do to continuously create a deeper sense of intimacy and commitment in your most significant relationships.

Creative Intelligence

“Creative Intelligence” is the ability to go beyond the existing reality to create novel and interesting things, ideas and experiences.

Current Communications

Create your own personalized communications course.

Current Events

Are you ready to take a course specifically designed just for you?


Diversions is a two-day workshop designed to address areas of your life where you get "emotionally hijacked" and consequently make poor choices.

Dynamics of Money and Relationships

This relationship workshop addresses issues of control, security, communication and fairness.

Effort With Ease

A one-day power packed workshop where you will learn to deal with resistance and effectively move forward.

Extraordinary Living

Experience the reality of living a life of joy, prosperity, and abundance.

Extraordinary Thinking

What would we be able to create if we could more easily imagine something EXTRAORDINARY in our future and remove the fear and resistance to pursuing it?

From Anxiety to Empowerment

Learn to dive deep into the now and release fear and anxiety.

Goal Setting

Goals can be the key to getting what you want--or they can lead you to counter-productive behavior. Learn to make the most of this valuable tool.

Intimate and Honest Conversations

How to Deepen Relationships Through the Way You Speak and Listen.


What's the real conversation?


Invisible lines of connection.

In Your Minds Eye

This workshop takes a deep look at all that we have connected to our identity.

Jump Start Your Dreams

Establish a new direction—one fueled with vision, commitment and the faith that it will happen.

Life Patterns Advanced

An advanced course for you to study parts of your history, examine patterns you've formed and build a strategy for change.

Living In Appreciation

It is a learnable skill to appreciate what you've created and how far you've come while also maintaining the desire for more.

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

The Power of Extraordinary Thinking

Mastering Your Intetentions

Our power to create what we want is limited by our lack of mastering proactive conscious intentions.

Maximize Potential

"Everybody has a creative potential and from the moment you can express this creative potential, you can start changing the world." - Paulo Coelho

Mind In Business

A highly interactive business development course designed to help you expand.


Discovering Your Life's Purpose.

Passionate and Balanced Living

Picture a life with commitment, enthusiasm and desire, while also remaining balanced, level and sensible. In this Year Long learn what your unique blend is.

Personal Motivation

Find your own internal drive so that you can purposely tap into it.

Personal Presentation

A positive experience of yourself and the power of your unique presentation.


Gain confidence and reconnect with the best in yourself and others.

Power of Intention

Learn how to design and set a clear path for your future with Intention being your compass.

Producing Positive Change

How to better respond and adapt to the changes that are a part of life.

Productive Communication

The Power of Speaking with Intention.


Enjoy a life of your dreams--discover the mindset that brings about a holistic prosperity.

Put It Into Play

Have you implemented into your life all that you've gained from the workshops you've attended? If you are ready for your learning to have an even greater impact, then it's time to Put It All Into Play!

Quality Communications

Improve your ability to communicate with difficult people under less than ideal circumstances.


Discover how to choose the right person for a personal or business relationship.

Spirit of Adventure

When was the last time you were thrilled?

Successful Business Relationships

Experience and study the chemistry that causes breakdowns and the dynamics that build productive teams.

The Essentials Of Transformation

A systematic way to create transformation in any area of our lives.

The Fear Of...

Transform your fear into excitement.

The Journey

El Camino de Santiago - The Way of Saint James.

The New EQ

Emotional Intelligence, meaning your ability to identify, understand and intentionally impact yourself and others, is a far better indicator of your success in all areas of your life.

Time For Intentions

Mastering the Invisible Power That Shapes Reality.

Trainers Training

An advanced course in core competency for presentation and workshop facilitation.


Identify the goals and dreams that really matter to you and then empower them.


From the Latin for "Life", our vitality is the culmination of 4 essential elements; Mental, Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional. In order to live fully we must develop and nurture each of those with our own specific recipe.

Your Networking Mindset

One-day workshop that explores how you are getting in your own way around successful networking and referral marketing.