Beyond Reasons

A personal development course to help you identify the thinking that is keeping you from having what you want in life.

How much are your reasons costing you? Every time you buy into why something is "just the way it is," or you join your friends in echoing the phrase, "you've got to pay your dues," you are making choices to live your life by fixed beliefs. You have the power to change your thinking patterns once you become aware of what they are. Beyond Reasons is one of Productive Learning & Leisure's most popular courses. It has helped hundreds of individuals discover how they can take their "okay" lives to the next plateau. If you vaguely feel there could be more in your life, this course will help you discover how you can create it. You'll walk away with a sense of direction, ready to step up and out.

What you'll take away . . .

With the insight of experienced trainers, you will learn how to . . .

  • Identify unproductive thinking and behaviors
  • Become aware of when you are making excuses that no longer serve you
  • Make better choices, so you can have more of what you want
  • Put your energy where you'll get the best results
  • Get to know yourself better . . . your wishes, your dreams
  • Identify ways to make your life more meaningful and fun
  • Take any personal or professional aspect of your life up a notch
  • If you think you don't have enough time or money to do the course, no doubt you may be using those same excuses for not doing other fun, important things in your life.

Explore what is in the way of actually getting what you want out of life in the areas of:

  • Greater self-esteem
  • Healthier Relationships
  • Rewarding Careers
  • Changing lifestyle
  • and more



Beyond Reasons Testimonials

"I was amazed at the level of awareness, as well as the relaxed atmosphere that was provided. I came out with a new and deeper understanding of what was stopping me from reaching my latest goals. I thoroughly enjoyed the trainer's warm heartedness and the interaction with the group."
Anna O.
Business Owner, Walnut Creek , CA

"Got to some root issues in my life quickly, effectively and with caring."
Larry B.
Communications Specialist, Alameda , CA

"After 30 years of hearing the same voices in my head, thanks to this course I now have a new way of thinking and feeling about myself."
Heather E.
Professional Organizer, San Diego, CA

"I learned more in this two-day course than I have in 10 years of psychoanalysis. It gave me the understanding I needed of what my reasons are, how they were developed and how to make positive changes to bring joy and prosperity in my life."
Jo-Elaine T.
Business Owner, San Jose , CA

'This course has changed my life, and how I now see it. I now realize the perceptions of my past were just thoughts that have been holding me down and back. I didn't realize the impact of verbalizing what I thought could change my entire way of thinking. It opened my eyes and the doors to the life I really want and deserve."
Vanae M.
Medical Secretary, Rosemead , CA

"Becoming aware of your thoughts and reasons is a valuable process I had never considered before. Thank you for the non-threatening environment."
Randy L.
Real Estate Broker , San Diego, CA

"Beyond Reasons is probably appropriate for anyone of any age, and at any point in their lives or career. The younger the better. I wish I had done this 30 years ago."
Jim S.
Teacher , Granada Hills, CA