Client Testimonials


Productive Learning has helped over 5,000 people discover how they can take their "okay", "good", or "great" lives to the next plateau. See what our clients are saying below:

"I was amazed at the level of awareness, as well as the relaxed atmosphere that was provided. I came out with a new and deeper understanding of what was stopping me from reaching my latest goals. I thoroughly enjoyed the trainer's warm heartedness and the interaction with the group."
Anna O. - Business Owner, Walnut Creek, CA


"Got to some root issues in my life quickly, effectively and with caring."
Larry B. - Communications Specialist, Alameda, CA


"After 30 years of hearing the same voices in my head, thanks to this workshop I now have a new way of thinking and feeling about myself."
Heather E. - Professional Organizer, San Diego, CA


"I learned more in this two-day workshop than I have in 10 years of psychoanalysis. It gave me the understanding I needed of what my reasons are, how they were developed and how to make positive changes to bring joy and prosperity in my life."
Jo-Elaine T. - Business Owner, San Jose, CA


"This workshop has changed my life, and how I now see it. I now realize the perceptions of my past were just thoughts that have been holding me down and back. I didn't realize the impact of verbalizing what I thought could change my entire way of thinking. It opened my eyes and the doors to the life I really want and deserve."
Vanae M. - Medical Secretary, Rosemead, CA


"Becoming aware of your thoughts and reasons is a valuable process I had never considered before. Thank you for the non-threatening environment."
Randy L. - Real Estate Broker , San Diego, CA


"Beyond Reasons is probably appropriate for anyone of any age, and at any point in their lives or career. The younger the better. I wish I had done this 30 years ago."
Jim S. - Teacher , Granada Hills, CA

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